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Individualized Private or Small Group Sessions 

Workshops on Leadership Development, Personal Self-Discovery, Yoga and Horses, and other potential offerings will be seasonally offered. Sessions can be customized to suit the needs of the individual or group, ranging from hourly sessions to half-day, full-day, or multi-day sessions. Contact me to learn more!

All horse activities take place at Reclaim Connection premises.  No previous horse experience is necessary and all activities take place on the ground (no riding required). ​

Since horse activities take place outdoors, please dress for the weather and wear appropriate closed-toe footwear.

Individuals or groups of up to 6 participants can be accommodated at one time.

Embodied Presence


What is it that we deeply yearn for? Although we may think it is something outside of ourselves, it is the longing for our own presence that we truly desire.   Presence requires slowing way down to be able to tune into all our parts - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.  It is this ability to ‘tune in’ that gives us a better sense of who we are and how we relate to our world and others. 


In this three hour private session, Barb and Angela will facilitate an experience of Embodied Presence with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to regulate the nervous system and Equine Facilitated Learning to foster presence.  This session includes 2 Equine Facilitated Learning exercises with a 60 minute craniosacral session in between.  This is self care that brings you into your immediate experience in a new way, with space to cleanse your perceptions, trust in the intelligence of the body, and create empathetic connection.


This work can build upon itself.  Although one session may be of benefit, this program is designed to be repeated, building a momentum of learning and healing.  New Equine Facilitated Learning exercises will be selected to support the development and practice of presence; consecutive craniosacral therapy sessions will support the body’s self repair and regulation into deeper levels.  Three session packages of Embodied Presence experiences are available and recommended.

Contact Barb for more information on investment and availability. 

Finding Resilience

An Equine Facilitated Learning Workshop to Strengthen Work Teams


The past year has presented new and unexpected challenges, and many of us have faced difficult stresses, uncertainties, and fears. How can one cope with all this?  Resilience is not only the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, trauma or stress, but can also lead to profound personal growth.


In this one-day workshop specially created for work teams, we will explore three key factors of resilience.  Theory will be put into practice in exercises with the horses.  This is an experiential, embodied way of learning that can create lasting change in the participantand can transform the ability of your team to adapt to our ever-changing world.


No horse experience required!  All activities take place on the ground.


In compliance with Covid protocols, all activities will take place out-doors and socially distanced.  Masks will be worn when appropriate. 


Group of four - $595.  Custom sessions for smaller groups, individuals and families available.  


Check out this blog entry for more information, or download the PDF poster here.


Contact Barb to register or for more information.  Booking now for Spring 2021.

Exploring Connection

A Yoga and Equine Facilitated Workshop


Join Barb and Angela for a remarkable day of Exploring Connection: to self, to others and to your deepest heart’s desire. Workshop will include yoga, breathing and body awareness exercises, sessions with the horses and a light lunch.


Dates: TBA

Times: TBA

Spaces limited to 4 participants only. 

No yoga or horse experience required. All horse activities take place outdoors and are unmounted. Please dress for the weather and wear appropriate closed-toe footwear. An alternate rain date will be offered in case of inclement weather. 

Contact Barb to register or for more information


Meet Angela Dechaine

B.Sc (Psychology), Yoga and Ecstatic Dance Instructor

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist


Angela believes that we are Magnificent beings meant to live a life of deep feeling and connection.  The wisdom within the body is remarkably intelligent and can support healing on many levels.  Facilitating embodiment practices and craniosacral therapy is her passion.