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“Why would I want to come see you?”


This was the question from someone who was intrigued by the concept of equine facilitated learning. How can horses help us learn about ourselves?  As my first dressage coach used to say, “Show me your horse and I’ll tell you who you are.” She was only slightly joking.  


Science has now demonstrated that our brain is social, that it is neurologically wired for relationship.  Yet we live in an age of digital connectivity where we don’t actually need to talk to people.  We are becoming increasingly disconnected from one another and, perhaps, from ourselves.  


Research is also discovering that the mind and body are integrally connected, and that we must consider the body when working with the mind. As we begin to understand the mind-body connection, how can we learn to reconnect to ourselves and one another?


The Eponaquest® approach helps to reconnect body and mind by teaching you how to use your body as a ‘tuner, receiver and amplifier’ of nonverbal information. From the Power of the Herd® Guiding Principles, you begin to understand the messages that your emotions have for you.  Through exercises with the horses, you learn how to effectively set boundaries and how to use assertiveness effectively.  By connecting with the horse, you will open yourself to vulnerability, the ultimate skill for effective leadership and relationship. All of this will enable you to cultivate the non-predatory power that the horse embodies.

“Time with Maddy and Barb begins with connecting to the breath which facilitates calming the mind and dropping into the body. 


I feel my greatest gift from Maddy was ‘I can have a boundary and still be connected. No Doing, Simply Being. I felt a freedom from the need to over-effort and/or disappear.  To put it in a nutshell ‘our connections run deeper than our obstacles.’


There is so much to say Barb...trusting, tenderness, vulnerability in a safe place, innocence, curiosity, heartfelt presence, effortlessly releasing...”

- T.O.

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