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How to Explain Equine Facilitated Learning?

It is sometimes difficult to explain what EFL is all about when people ask. How to put into words the sense of going inside your body during the body scan and deeply listening to what your body is saying. How to know, in the round pen, when you need to set a boundary with the horse in order to feel safe. What it feels like when you connect with the horse and are totally present in the moment, sharing space with a 1000 pound animal. How to summon the type of energy required to move that same animal and encourage her to go where you want her to go. What it is like when the horse chooses to follow you at freedom because she wants to be with you. And, in those times where something liminal happens, how to describe the ineffable.

Photographer Darren LeBeuf and I have put together a short video that uses word and image to describe a bit about EFL. Take a look. Does this encourage you to give EFL a try? What does your body say as you watch it?

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