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What Do You Do When You See the Dead End Sign?

A first-time client recently was successfully following my directions to Reclaim Connection when she saw the Dead End sign. Thinking that I couldn’t possibly be at a dead end, she turned around and got quite lost! Eventually she phoned me, and I figured out where she was and guided her here – right past the Dead End sign! We went on to have a very profound session.

I have been thinking about the idea of the Dead End as a metaphor. What do we do when we see a sign that we are headed towards a dead end? Do we turn around and go back the way we came, maybe getting lost in the process? Do we barrel on ahead, as many cars do past my place, not even noticing the sign, coming to a firm stop at the end of the road? Or do we see the Dead End warning sign and seek what is ahead that may change the trajectory of our journey?

Reclaim Connection is between a Dead End sign and the end of the road. But it is a place where new insights can be found, where ease and safety can be experienced, where new skills and abilities can be learned, where new ways of being can be explored.

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